I first turned to holistic health after exhausting every other ‘cure’ for my persistent cystic and hormonal acne. I had tried every over the counter cream, had been to my GP numerous times, had been on anti-biotics (not good for my gut), and was even put on the extremely strong acne medication Roaccutane (which cleared skin but also gave me daily nose bleeds).

During those years of frustration, tears and hating my reflection in the mirror, no-one mentioned a holistic, natural approach to my painful acne.  Not one person suggested looking into food intolerances, changing my diet, adopting a healthier lifestyle, trying herbal supplements or switching to natural skincare and make up products…not one single person!

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All ‘cures’ were focused on temporarily masking my symptoms, not figuring out the root cause of my acne and permanently treating it for long term health. Which is why, inevitably, within one month of coming off Roaccutane my oily skin, blackheads and cystic acne were back, with a vengeance.

If I had known about a holistic treatment for acne back then, I would have saved my skin, my gut and my mental wellbeing from a whole lot of abuse.

So now you know my back story let’s answer the question you’re really here for…



To me, holistic health is about treating the whole person; the symptoms you can physically see, as well as the mental and emotional effects of those physical symptoms (think of it as treating your body, mind and spirit). It’s about getting to the root cause of your symptoms and treating them through diet and lifestyle.

Traditional medical treatment involves the use of drugs or hormones to deal with unwanted symptoms or diseases. On the other hand, rather than prescribing pills that have a list of side effects as long as my leg, holistic health is about making beneficial changes to your diet and lifestyle; regularly exercising, reducing stressors, trying alternative therapies such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, meditation etc, and for some cases, taking herbal supplements.

What I love most about holistic health is that it treats the root cause of symptoms, rather than masking them with temporary solutions. You find a path back to optimum health (homeostasis) with solutions that work with your body rather than against it. 


Utilising a natural holistic approach to your health avoids relying on medications that can often be taxing on the body, particularly on the liver which plays a vital role in all metabolic processes in your body (including drugs).

Common drugs that are known to cause irritation, inflammation or damage to the body (if used long term) are:

* IBUPROFEN: known to irritate the stomach and long-term use can cause inflammation in the small intestine which can lead to gastritis
* PARACETEMOL: a.k.a acetaminophen can lead to liver damage
* NAIDs: these non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (which include Ibuprofen and Aspirin) can cause inflammation of the small intestine, irritate the stomach lining and put you at higher risk of stomach ulcers and bleeding in the stomach
* STEROIDS: misuse or long-term dependence may cause liver damage, kidney problems, enlarged heart and high blood pressure which increases risk of heart disease and stroke

In rare cases long term use of any harsh chemical medication can cause DILI (drug induced liver injury)

*DISCLAIMER: I am not demonising traditional medicine as I recognise it is most definitely needed in certain cases, and sometimes use of medicine is vital. I am suggesting using holistic alternatives to those with non life threatening, chronic conditions such as IBS, acne, eczema, low mood etc. Also, taking pain killers now and then is totally a-okay and poses little harm to your health.



✔ BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE: studies show patients report a better quality of life compared to patients treating symptoms with only traditional medicine
✔ TREATS ROOTS CAUSE: asks ‘why’ and finds the root cause of your problem
✔ LONG TERM SOLUTION: finds and treats the cause rather than just masking symptoms
✔ TAILORED SOLUTION: sees you as an individual rather than prescribing a ‘one size fits all’ approach that may not work for your unique body
✔ PRIORITISES YOUR HEALTH: recognises and encompasses all aspects of your health; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health
✔ PROMOTES BALANCE: supports healing and balancing the body, rather than attacking disease and masking symptoms, bringing you back to homeostasis
✔ NO SIDE EFFECTS: 100% natural and safe with little to no side effects
✔ PREVENTS FUTURE FLARE UPS: as you are treating the root cause and helping your body find its healthy balance, you are helping to prevent future diseases



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