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Elle Frizzell Food and Product Photography UK

Healthier Sugar Alternatives

Hey sweet stuff, let’s talk sugar. Whether you’re addicted to candy, want to clean up your diet or simply want to learn more about healthy sugar alternatives, I’ve got you

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Choc chip baked oats

Healthy Chocolate Chip Baked Oats

Confession; I have gotten really into TikTok and I actually prefer it to Instagram. It’s thanks to TikTok that I discovered my new favourite healthy breakfast; choc chip/chunk baked oats.

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Elle Frizzell About Me

The Photographer

Hampshire, UK but always dreaming of sunshine and palm trees (I’m looking at you Australia).

I’m Elle. Food and Product Photographer.

I’m Elle. Food and Product Photographer.

When I’m not shooting or editing, I love working out and creating whole food, gluten and dairy free recipes inspired by my own struggles with IBS, food intolerances, hormonal imbalance and cystic acne.

Here in my little nook of the internet, I educate, motivate and inspire you to discover the healthiest, happiest you. And I pinky promise I’ll never make you give up desserts (because chocolate is life. Am I right?)